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yea, I FINALLY opened my Site today. I know, I'm lazy. Took me an entire goddamn year to open. poo on me. >             >;;; So yea, go check it out. I've got tutorials, gifts, and random stuff!

ETA: I fixed the link so now it goes to my new new site. Er, yea, and stuff.

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I am officially in love with the search function that I have abruptly noticed is finally available to members. I thank the random deities that I don't look to. -runs off to stare and drool at the drarry lovins ^_^-

:icon27th-precinct: :iconnogarlove:
I got prisma color markers today ^_^ a grey 12 set and a 6 pack of colors. so maybe now my stuff will be more colorful woot. but im still too lazy to cg anything -snort- lazy me...
Just got back from my first Otakon and my first actual Con.... oh my god. I think that I can officially say that was the best. weekend. ever. I had tons of fun and I have TONS of pictures (ok well, not as many as I would of liked but 74 is plenty, right?) I met my some of my favorite artists and :iconrelfoxtail:'s friend :iconnakira: and I bought 2 adorable gaara and naruto bookmarks from her, much love! I got Hawk(of applegeeks), Ian(of MacHall), Garth(of Comedity), Lem(of Bunny), Dave(of Paradox), Mookie(of Dominic Deegan-HAHA CAT!!!), Aborwin(of Grayling-OMG LOOOOVE!!), and Dave and Jay(of Chugworth). I'm very proud of my shirt (even though I still wanted to get Mine's Bigger and Star Crossed Destiny to sign, I shall get them next year!!) I got 2 hats, a menchi one and a bunny one. I got 4 buttons, a free sketch, and a print from Grayling. I got a coloring book (wee, it came with free crayons!) I got a death from above shirt(dominic deegan), a indoor-quidditch shirt(machall), a gaia shirt and a glomp me shirt (10 glomps in one day, woot!) I got a sketch of me done and it was colored in copic markers, squee!! I got 1 + 2 of DNAngel, 7 of Hana Kimi (OH EM EFF GEEEE!!!), and 7 + 8 of Mars (hopefully I shall finish buying it soon)  I also got 2 skull buttons from Mine's Bigger and a free Miyuki-chan in Wonderland button was thrown at me... lol. I left home with about $310 and came home with 4 dollars -cracks up- All in all, I had a GREAT time and I have a sketch or 2 to scan for my lovely watchers ^_^

I am no longer a con-virgin!
Just got back today... went to lunch at Don Pablos lol, I just can't get back to my reality! I love the Riviera Maya though... Iberostar is :heart:!!! Man, I'm going to feel weird not going dancing til 2 in the morning at the night club tonight like I did everynight with my little sister... And what the hell, after the shows every night I got pulled into a one salsa dance or another with the entertainers... but then again most of the ones I danced with were on FI-YA (ole ole, ole ole, ole ole feelin' HOT HOT HOT) and the dancing was fun cause I'm a dancing queen ^_^ My new eyore bag came today too and sometime tonight or tomorrow I have to unpack from Mexico and pack for OTAKON!!!! 2 days, I'm so excited!!! It's my first con ^_^ I'm going with :icon0ddwolfie: and :iconlambofinsomnia:
God damn... My internet was broken for two weeks (who the hell cut my cable wire!?!? I'll kill em!! >_<) and I had SOOO many messages.. in my mailbox, in the DA message center.. woo, it took me forever to catch up.. actually, I don't think I'm done catching up yet but tomorrow my family is going to party in north jersey with millionaires (woot) I'm only submitting  a few deviations, I'll do the rest like.. sunday between packing (I leave on wednesday for mexico then come back for a day and then leave for Otakon) or monday after i get my braces off (YAAAYY!! AFTER 6 YEARS OF HELL!!) or maybe even tuesday...who knows... -_-
Ok, now that I've finished I'm prepared to chat up the spoiler parts.


Oh. My. God. Snape, all along. I wasn't surprised that he was the halfblood prince, but I didn't trust him after the second chapter. I think there is a slight possibility that in the next book he'll do something to redeem himself in some stupid way (like send Draco into hiding), but I'm pretty possitive (and hoping) that Harry will give him an end that James and Sirius would of been proud of for their dearest Snivellus.

Of course, I'm so pissed at Snape that I'm overlooking my other obvious opinion. Dumbledore had it planned all along, but failed to tell the rest of the Order (which probably makes everyone turn against Snape, making him work hard for their trust again) There's the possibility that he sent Draco into hiding right after they left Hogwarts. I think that's mostly why Snape wouldn't fight Harry back when he was escaping. I'm thinking perhaps some kind of Telepathy in the few seconds Dumbledore and Snape stared at each other is when Dumbledore told Snape to kill him.. possibly...

I do think that since Malfoy hesitated in killing Dumbledore that perhaps (and hopefully, cause I'm a big fan of redeemed!Draco) Malfoy will switch sides to the Order and go into hiding. Either Snape will tell him to go into hiding and protect Narcissa, or Draco will somehow find his way to one of the Order members or maybe even cross paths with Harry. (but Harry being pigheaded and a Gryffindor 9 times out of 10 in battle, might try and hurt Malfoy- but, BUT, Harry does pity Malfoy now. Harry did see Malfoy crying and did feel horrible after hurting him with Spectumsempra and did see that Malfoy didn't want to kill. Malfoy was only doing it because if he didn't, Voldemort would kill him and his family. Dumbledore showed him a way out by telling him to change sides.

I am seriously thinking that Godric's Hollow is one of the Horcruxes. Seriously, think about it. It's where Voldemort was intending to use Harry as a possible Horcrux...which backfired (horribly for him and wonderfully...well.. was in good favor of Harry living) But Godric's Hollow is a Horcrux OR one of the Horcruxes is definitely there.

I'm curious to see if JKR will have Dumbledore choose to come back as a ghost and haunt the school like Nearly Headless Nick and the Bloody Baron and all... Remember the chat Harry had with Nick at the end of book 5 about Sirius coming back? If he does and this was all in his plan than that will still help him to be a big influence in Harry's life and he can explain everything.

I agree with <lj user="beren_writes"> that R.A.B. is Regulus Black and that Grimmauld Place is where Slytherin's locket is (and maybe another Horcrux if they're lucky!)

I doubt the school will close but I really can't see Harry, Ron and Hermione not going back...

Awwww Lupin/Tonks is so cute!!!!! :3 <3333!!!!!

All that Harry/Ginny was annoying me though, WAY too predictable. Glad they broke up. I doubt Harry will let them get back together for Ginny's sake and so Voldemort never finds out about her. After the war though, they'll probably get back together, much to slashers' discontent. Even though we know harry/draco can never be, it lives on in our hearts!!!

The final battle will be at Hogwarts, Godric's Hollow, Malfoy Manner, Hogsmeade, or Grimmauld Place. That's what I think. And I think either Ron or Hermione are going to die, either by Harry's side in battle or by Voldemort sending his goonies after them. I'm being opptimistic in thinking Harry won't die.

I still have to vent at how pissed I am about Snape. And he got away. What a fucking coward he is. Arg.

Opinions? Want to flame me? I may add to this when I think of other stuff...

Oh, and I'm still not updating anything until July 30th.


Thu Jun 23, 2005, 9:33 AM
Well this is fun..

DA gave me a one week subscription (and damnit they have it better than us free-accounts). I guess I should milk it for all it's worth :P

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Got this from relfoxtail and I'm bored..

[01.] Who are you?
[02.] Are we friends?
[03.] When and how did we meet?
[04.] How have I affected you?
[05.] What do you think of me?
[06.] What's the fondest memory you have of me?
[07.] How long do you think we will be friends?
[08.] Do you like me?
[09.] Would you date me?
[10.] Would you kiss me?
[11.] Would you hug me?
[12.] Physically, what stands out?
[13.] Emotionally, what stands out?
[14.] Do you wish I was cooler?
[15.] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
[16.] Am I loveable?
[17.] How long have you known me?
[18.] Describe me in one word.
[19.] What was your first impression?
[20.] Do you still think that way about me now?
[21.] What do you think my weakness is?
[22.] Do you think I'll get married?
[23.] What makes me happy?
[24.] What makes me sad?
[25.] What reminds you of me?
[26.] If you could give me anything what would it be?
[27.] How well do you know me?
[28.] When's the last time you saw me?
[29.] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
[30.] Are you going to put this in your journal and see what I put about you?
Im terrible.. I have no shame T_T forgive me!!!  **  … **

I think that's all...

**=run/owned by me
woot. 300 views. No pretty picture til I get 500 though :3

Painted my nails a cute color... now I feel all girly and stuffs. Me and Nikki are supposed to go to the mall tonight, she's possibly sleeping over. Im supposed to be receiving a birthday card soon from my friend.. Cat slept over last night and we went out to some new mexican resturant, tasty but pricey.

I... still have to color the dancing picture T_T

Ok this was just to say hi to all my lovely lurkers :3 Love you all!! -hugs for everyone-
Wooo, sweet 16. I had a dream I was driving last night n_n I have to clean for my party though -_- oh well, tomorrow will rock out the ass. Soooo happy sweet 16 to me XD
Let's see now... 4 days til Spring Break starts..
1 week and 3 days until my sweet 16
1 week and 4 days until my party ^_^

-cough- Anyone want to give me a little doodle :3?? You don't have to... but if you do..Boys kissing is nice ^_^ like Ryo & Dee from fake.. or Sano and Nanba would be funny from Hana Kimi..but I'll take anything really =n_n= <- as erin says, blushie marks of joy aaiiii! -glomp- ^_^ Adeiu (is that how you spell it? I dunno I take Italian ^_^;;;;;;; and that's french right?)
Well first off, for all my Irish bitches out there. We rock. HAPPY ST. PAT'S!!!!

Now then. When I color things Im lazy as hell and sometimes impatient, so I was looking through some deviations and airbrushing seems to look nice and I think I need to relearn shading in general... plus..-points to herself- Im not entirely familiar with Photoshop still T_T SO if anyone would like to give me pointers/show me some sites etc, it would be much appreciated.

Im almost done with the layout for EDO. I've just got to redo the links (and obivously add the other pages..) annd some other stuff n_n but we're finally moving, erin has the first comic done so woot to her ^_^!!

Show of hands, who can't wait for hana kimi 6? -has ordered 4 and is getting 5 soon as it comes to amazon-

Show of hands, who likes the series Fake? ^_^ :heart: Ryo, so naive.. Dee.. so damn horny! heheh :heart:
Im so tired right now... but alas! I have finally gotten a better layout started look!

I think it's turning out nicely ^_^ but Im not done yet..
SO I finally got that damn script to work. Check it out. (I know I don't have a layout up yet, Im working on it Im working on it.. and I know the drop down menu has the ".title." thing in it, it'll go away once we start adding more comics.)

Im ------>THIS<------ close to getting a scanner. I have my trigger-happy finger ready to click buy. I even have the money for it. However I am still unsure of quality and it's only a $50 scanner... [meh I can't post the link T_T]  any suggestions about it greatly appreciated
Masta Rel commands chu!

(A) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie:
2. a book:
3. a musical artist, song, or album:

(B) I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want.

(C) Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything
meh.. I drew a valentines comic Im going to color with colored pencils probably. chances are it could appear as my monthly personal on EDO.. (I only get one a month) but yea I want to get a scanner first before I post any of my other sketches...

but what happens in the comic really did happen ^_^, minus the ending and the caution tape in the begining..